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Saturday, September 29, 2007

When Mommy's away. . .

Hello peoples. Mommy is gooooone today and we're loooooonely. She plays with this boxy thing all da time, so we play with it too.

Mommy forget to show peoples pretty pictures of us. (She not bad Mommy, but have cheesy-hole memory.) So, we post our pretty pictures for you peoples.

I yam Rain. See how pretty? See why I want Mommy to show every people my picture? Some ting is wrong with her picture-taker, makes me all red-like, but can see how pretty I yam. I saved Mommy from the evil potato-monster-thingy. It rolled out of da bag and tried to get Mommy!!! But I pounced and saved her. Mommy gave me pets and kisses, so I know I good kitten.

Dis is my big, dumb brother River. He lazy!!

He be twice my size, but he be sleeeeep sleeeep sleeeeep all da time. So, I pounce and swat and make him chase. Is good to have big, dumb brother. I make China bite him, not me! (I smart kitten, I yam.) River like trashcans. (I tink he not so good in head. But he cute, so. . .) He jump in trashcan, pull out trash and shakeshakeshake head and get trash over Mommy house. But, Mommy laugh so cant be too bad.

But Mommy not here now. So now China play with us. China not play with us when Mommy here. Have reputation or something. I tink China silly, so I crawl over her and pounce. But ONLY when Mommy here to protect me! (I smart kitten, I yam.) China not know what to do, so look funny and merp-noise at me. (I loves China, but she silly. Will pounce when Mommy come home.)

Now I go eat tuna in kitchen. Mommy love me so much, she give tuna before she go see Kady-baby-niece-thing. (But I have to share with big dumb brother and China. Merp.) I make Mommy post more pretty pictures of Rainkitty when she come back. Promisepromise.

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posted by Zan at 7:58 AM


awwwwwwwwzzz!!! YAY kittenses!

10:17 AM  

Kittens!!! With SPOTS!

11:49 AM  

Love kittens, indeed.
I have some at becauseitreallyispersonal.wordpress.com
You might have to scroll down...

1:30 PM  

Yay for kittens!

6:54 PM  

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