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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Links, Links, Links...

I've been updating my blogroll as best I can. If you read here and you're not linked, let me know. I want to add you. I do, I do, I do! Or if you've got suggestions about good blogs? Let me have 'em. I like links, what can I say. Although, I drool in envy of Belle's amazing linkage. *sigh*

Now, I go back to NaNoing...and trying to make Rain stop chewing my toothbrush!!
posted by Zan at 9:18 AM


I gasped when I read about Rain's latest chew toy. That totally sounds like something my Layla would do.

1:50 PM  

I hear that Queen Emily at Sexual Ambiguities is both an amazing writer and supercute ;)

2:41 AM  

Emily, my love! I looked for a link to you, but couldn't find one. But now...now my life is complete ;)

9:03 AM  

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