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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Even when you've been dead a thousand years. . .

Archeologist have found the mummy of Hatshepsut, cross-dressing, ass-kicking, monument building female ruler of Egypt. And how do they describe the mummy?

The mummy of an obese woman, who likely suffered from diabetes and liver cancer, has been identified as that of Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt's most powerful female pharoah, Egyptian archaeologists said Wednesday.

ARG!!! Mummy's cannot be obese! They are bone, wrapping and some pretty sparklies! They don't even contain all of the original organs!

And why do they think she had diabetes? I hope to Isis they have some actual evidence to back that up, even though the story doesn't say that. Or do they think, because she was a fat woman that she HAD to have had diabetes? Seriously?

But, you know what? I hope she WAS fat. I hope she was huge. Make her 400 lbs or more! Why? Because that fat woman ruled the fucking-known-world, that's why. She built monuments, she had lovers, she was worshiped as a fricking god. Hmp.

(And frankly, I think they put in the fact that the mummy was obese because, what? A fat woman doing all that? Huh? What? But but...that's impossible! Fuckers.)

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posted by Zan at 4:59 PM


I am so sick to death of the fact that we have to describe a woman--even a dead leader--by what the fuck she looked like. HELLO!

Anyway, thanks for posting that. It's great to know that archaeologists have so much time on their hands that in between digging mummies up, they can make a "dig" at women's bodies who aren't perfect. Nice.

7:44 PM  

They're saying she's fat to dissuade girls from kicking ass and ruling. Obese is the new lesbian. And diabetes and cancer? Just in case we don't care what people think about our size, they need to say Fat! Kills!

7:57 PM  

DanielJackson would be so disappointed in his peers!

7:58 PM  

Well, fuck that. I'm going to kick ass and take names and rule the goddamn world, if I want. And the lucky (And oh would Dr. Jackson be one of the lucky) will be allowed into my bed. All Hail Empress Zan.

8:20 PM  

You've been planning this for ages! Hence the cats.

7:36 PM  

"Purple fish swim backwards after midnight, Bob." where did you get this, it's weird, it sounds familiar but i can't really place it. is it a mnemonic device?

10:12 PM  

I don't think so. I pulled it outta my poor poor brain :)

6:44 AM  

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