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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Now for something completely adorable...

Cat blogging in the middle of the week -- because I'm a rebel.
This beautious figure of a cat is Frank. He lives in my house, sleeps in my bed and generally runs my life. All hail the Frankencat. He's also fond of licking my nose in the middle of the night.

Frank does not understand when His Human gets overwrought about the state of the world or when her migraines keep her up nights, sobbing and cursing the gods. (Every.Last.One.Of.Them.) For The Frank, life is good so long as he gets feed, gets to run around in the yard while the Human is at work and he gets to beat up his sister, China. I am insanely jealous of Frank and his life. If the universe is fair, next time around I will be a cat as pampered and adored as Frank.

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