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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Legislative session starting tomorrow

So. The big boys in our Legislature start debating the important stuff tomorrow. You know, hurricane relief bills, rebuilding, finding money to pay our teachers, how to get business to come back here after Katrina blew them all to the winds, how to keep women from having abortions -- you know, the important stuff. So, I fear this will decend back into Abortion Blogging all the Time. Oh well.

Nothing's been said since that bill was introduced, however. Blanco said she wasn't sure what she'd do if it got passed, but otherwise...no one's said a word about it. Which could be good, or it could be bad. Who knows? The next few weeks will tell.

Say a prayer our legislaturers realize how pointless this all is. I hold out little hope, but perhaps the cold, hard reality of the fact that our state is facing a monstrous uphill battle just to get back on our feet after Katrina and Rita will shake these people outta this. Our economy is broken, a good million of our population has been displaced, we're loosing jobs by the 10K every quarter...surely they can realize the futility of putting forth a law that's only going to be challenged, tied-up in court and eventually struck down, all the while costing us tons of money we don't have. Right?

Why don't I believe that?

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