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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Talkin' 'bout a resolution. . .

I have no resolutions. I have only goals.

Actually, I have ONE goal and only one goal for this year: have more fun.

That's it. None of that stupid crap people come up with at the beginning of each year. I don't resolve to lose weight or be nicer or exercise more or look for a new job or save money or any of that. No, I only want to have more fun this year.

Things that strike me as fun and which I shall add to my list of possible activites for 2008:

1. Playing guitar. Playing guitar sounds like fun to me.
2. Funky art projects. Those sound fun too.
3. Riding roller coasters!
4. Swimming. Definately fun.
5. Pottery. That sounds like fun to me too. I wanna get my hands dirty.
6. Monster movie marathons! Fun fun fun. Whose bringing the popcorn?
7. Zoos are fun
8. So are aquariums
9. And the French Quarter is fun too
10. Contemplating the look on my parents' faces when they hear this: "Mom, Dad, I'm moving to Atlanta with my girlfriend. Also, I'm bisexual and pagan. Oh, and she used to be a man and was raised in an apocolyptic cult. Love ya, bye!"


posted by Zan at 1:38 AM


Fun sounds like a pretty good goal to me. I have more ideas for fun that are rather less suited for public consumption ;)

11:00 AM  

Ok, so you should make as a goal 11-- Go to Atlanta. That could be fun too.

6:38 PM  

Okay, as a mom I could not resist a reply to #10:

Does this mean you can still get pregnant or not?


3:50 PM  

Ah! All about the grandchildren, I see. Actually, now that I think about it, the fact that Emmy is the /only/ person I've not done a complete, total freakout about having kid with may be a point in her favor. Yes yes..."But Mom, Dad, if you don't get over your objections to this relationship, you'll never get to see your grandchild!" Oooh...that would so very much work...

6:54 PM  

Always glad to help out! :)

9:49 PM  

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