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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh, bullshit

Remember boys and girls, being fat means you're going to DIE!!!

ATLANTA (AP) — Obese people face a higher risk of passing out — or worse — in the nation’s current heat wave, some health experts say.

Layers of fat make it extra difficult for a body to dissipate heat, or to move to a cool location. Add in diabetic dehydration and other conditions common in the obese, and it’s a recipe for trouble

Because, you know, being fat means you can't walk. Or move. Or, I don't know, lift a bottle of water to hydrate yourself. And you certainly can't find air conditioning. Or shade. Or dip into a swimming pool. Or cold shower. Or any of the several thousand things you can do to cool off. No, being fat means you're doomed to pass out or worse! because it's fricking hot.

As I said: bullshit.

As a fat person who has lived in a place where the temperatures routinely get to 100 or more, I've never passed out or had heat exhausting or any of the other bad things that could happen. When I get hot, I find a way to cool down. It's not that hard. A bottle of cold water can do it, a cold compress on my forehead, whatever. Being fat doesn't mean you're stupid, okay?

In the years 1999 through 2003, about 1,200 U.S. deaths were reported in which heat-related illness was a major factor, according to a CDC report published last week. The report did not examine obesity as a risk factor, but found cardiovascular disease was an underlying cause of death in 57 percent of those cases and diabetes was in 3 percent of those cases.

Ooooh. I get it. It's not being fat that's the problem, it's having heart problems or diabetes. And you know, only fat people have those diseases. And all fat people have them. Even those of us who don't.

Bullshit. Just utter bullshit.

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