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Friday, July 28, 2006

Orgasims for fun and profit!

Why, oh why, don't they hold one of these down here?

Masturbate for Charity -- it's a win for everyone.

Being a prisoner of Deep Red Jesusland, I've never heard of these, even though they've apparently been held stateside. Probably by those liberal commie queers in San Fran. (Oh, my people, how I miss you!) They're making a movie out of it, so maybe I can get off Netflix. Or, ya know, take part here. To express my solidarity for the cause. Whoohoo. When's my new Adam and Eve order getting here?

But seriously, 55 minutes out of every hour? Are you allowed lube? You'd have to switch hands, because you'll get cramps. Or pull muscles. For those of us with arthritis, well....good thing they allow toys. And would your friends be allowed to help ya out? A little mutual masturbating for the cause?

And I must tip my hat to the person who can rub it for almost nine hours straight. It's all good, but come on, I can't do anything for that long without zoning out.

So, my friends, August 5 -- join in in solidarity with the other wankers of the world!

(Also, check out the winged penis here . It's just too much.)

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posted by Zan at 1:05 PM


Responding to your comment on my blog. I thought you'd be more likely to read it if it was on here. :) It sounds like we have a ton in common from a love of singing to a love of pretty boys in eyeliner (swoon). you're not from NC are you? It is definitely part of deep red jesus land, as you put it. anyway, good to know you. thanks for posting on my blog.

7:15 PM  

Alas, no. I'm much farther south. In Louisiana, aka Hell's Sauna. And yes, I loooove pretty boys in eyeliner. It's a weakness. You'd think, I'm old enough to be over that by now, but no. No. Does NC have anything to recommend it? I'm really looking to move, find a new job, get the hell outta this place....Alaska is my dream, actually. For some reason, I've always been just fascinated with that place.

7:18 PM  

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