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Thursday, August 03, 2006

And the winner of Sick Fuck of the week is. . .

The pagans I know would cut this bastard's balls off. In no way is he representative of the faith. And I'd like to slap him around, because really, we just need more bad press down here in Jesusland.

A suburban Cleveland man accused of sexually assaulting nine disabled boys told a judge Wednesday that his apartment was a religious sanctuary where smoking marijuana and having sex with children are sacred rituals protected by civil rights laws.

This prick is claiming freedom of religion. That his gods told him to molest these boys. Funny, I don't recall getting that particular memo.

Distasio, a self-professed pagan friar, is representing himself on 74 charges. He said he's the leader of a church called Arcadian Fields Ministries, and that some of his congregants are among the victims in his case.

. . .

Distasio was arrested on charges he molested two disabled boys he was tutoring at his home. He's also accused of raping seven other autistic children at a Cleveland school for special-needs students, The Plain Dealer reported. All but one of the boys was under 13, which carries a mandatory life-in-prison sentence if he is convicted, the paper reported.

Police said they found journals at Distasio's apartment in which he described his illegal activities, along with child pornography and videotapes of him engaged in sex with boys, The Plain Dealer reported

"Not all pedophilia is bad, and sex [with boys] can be healthy," Distasio told the court.

According to the journals, two of Distasio's victims were so helpless they could never tell anyone what happened.

"The defendant describes acts in which he had autistic children and he did what I would call sadistic sexual acts with these children," said Mason.

Now, I'll be the first to agree we've got some prudish views on sex in this society. But you do not fuck disabled, autistic children. For gods sake! Sex with boys is not healthy. Not for the boys, not for those who cannot give willing, enthusiastic consent. Lock this son-of-a-bitch up and lose the key.

Full story can be found here.

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posted by Zan at 6:12 PM


Zan, You are so right! Sex is not good for children. Sex needs to be an act between consenting equals, and children can neither give informed consent nor hold equal power.

This man is a sick bastard, and he doesn't represent pagans any more than priests who prey on children represent Catholics.

12:41 AM  

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