Butterfly Cauldron

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The world loves a poet, so why can't I get laid?

Moon in Scorpio

I ache with this
Bones hollow, like birds
Knocked down by gravity,
Feathers spinning before me to
Cushion the impact.

I will crash
(the repeating pattern of my life)
Against the rocky hills of you and
Scramble for purchase.

How often have I done this?
How often grabbed from flight and
Held by hands,
Fingers stroking at my desheveled heart.

I don’t learn.
I love recklessly, over and over.
And it’s always a surprise,
This aching, downward spiral.

Eagles are wiser than this,
But not hummingbirds and
My wings beat faster, wilder,
More frantic than theirs.


posted by Zan at 6:48 PM


Oh, I'd totally do you.

1:52 AM  

Oh, there you go, teasing me again :)

7:45 AM  

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