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Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday at last -- 10 songs to celebrate the coming of the weekend

1. What You Say -- Sugarcult
2. The Alien Song -- Red Aunts (this song is fucking hilarious)
3. Love's Recovery -- Indigo Girls
3. Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying -- Fall Out Boy
4. Scream -- Sarah Betten
5. Turn It On -- Sleater-Kinney (I cannot stand that they're called it quits. Dammit.)
6. Strange Fire -- Indigo Girls
7. Rebel Girl -- Bikini Kill (Possibly the most awesome song ever. I listen to it every morning. Which could be a sickness. Hrm.)
8. Can't Take It -- All American Rejects
9. Ohio Is For Lovers -- Hawthorne Heights (Is it me, or do all these pretty emo boy bands all sound the same??)
10. Don't Give That Girl A Gun -- Indigo Girls

Bonus Track: End of the Line -- Concrete Blonde

Well, apparently my iTunes was in an Indigo Girls mood. Can I say, I adore them? Seriously. I think I've got practically everything they've ever recorded. I had an obsession with them in college, so ya know. I need to get their last cd though. Hrm. Anyone wanna buy me a present??:) It's funny, but of all the music in my iTunes (and it's way over 1,000 songs at this point) I've got a lot of Indigo Girls and Green Day. I find that...strange. But totally typical for me.
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When she talks
I hear the revolution
In her hips
There's revolutions
When she walks
The revolution's coming
In her kiss
I taste the revolution!

12:37 PM  

Oh, hell yes. "That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood. I got news for you, she is!"

I've been catching up on my music via eMusic.com. I absolutely adore it. I had this space in college where my musical tastes wandered a lot, so I've got lots of cds I Need To Own that I haven't gotten yet. I sorta feel like I'm reliving my younger days for some reason. It's fun, but a bit confusing. (I'm thinking...hormones fluctuate in your 30s right? Because for the last year, it's like someone just set me on fire. Very strange, but fun.)

1:52 PM  

Do you like Le Tigre, too?

6:00 PM  

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