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Friday, June 30, 2006

Hold me, I'm scared

Wanna freak out? Check out this post over at Feministe.

Short version: Men volunteer to marry single, pregnant women and act as a father to their children, to keep them from having an abortion. Women they don't know or have any relationship with. To stop them from having an abortion.

How could this possibly go wrong? Let me see....what sort of man volunteers to marry a woman he doesn't know, who is pregnant with another man's child? Maybe men who can't find wives/girlfriends/fuckbuddies on their own? Men who feel these women will owe them for saving them from a life of single motherhood or post-abortion stress syndrome? Owe them things like regular blow jobs, lots of fucking, maid service, cooking, cleaning...hell, maybe they'll even owe them a lifetime of ass-wiping!

And what's with the idea that all a woman needs in order to not abort is a man? Does it not occur to these people that these 'babies' have fathers already? That if the woman decides to carry to term, those fathers will have rights? That those fathers may not like these Grooms For Life and may, quite possibly, use the fact that the mother of said babies married a man she'd never meet before against her in a custody case? (I mean, how stable can a woman be if she'll tie the knot with any old fellow?)

Hey, here's an idea. How about instead of offering to marry these 'fallen women' you get off your ass and help create a society where she could give birth and raise her child on her own? How about you work to close the wage gap, reduce social penalties for single parents, work to provide affordable child care, work to provide affordable health care? No? It's easier to marry a woman in the hopes of crushing her self-esteem to the point where she knuckles under and caters to the whim of her Savior Groom?

For the record -- should I ever get pregnant as a single woman, no man need offer to marry me. I wouldn't expect it from the father of my child, much less some stranger off the street. Honestly, is there anything creepier or more insulting than this idea? The only reason a woman would abort is because there's no man in her life?? What.The.Fuck?

Wanna prevent abortion? Great! How about starting with real sex education, easy access to affordable contraception and a society that doesn't (hypocritically) look down and blame women who do become pregnant? How about creating a society that's truely pro-life and not this misognistic garbage?

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posted by Zan at 12:14 PM


Wow that is one of the most disturbing things I have ever read. And again, you hit the nail on the head. You're so my hero.

12:36 PM  

Aw shucks. You're gonna make me blush :) If I were still capable of blushing, anyway :)

Yeah, this just sorta creeps me out. Like those Father and Daughter Purity Balls. Ew!

1:47 PM  

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