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Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Random Ten -- Because I Cannot Resist a Music Meme

My musical tastes are odd. Oh well.

Jesus of Suburbia -- Green Day
Unlove Me -- Julie Roberts
Pot of Gold -- Julie Roberts
Cold Cold Heart -- Norah Jones
Crawling -- Linkin Park
Journey to the Cemetery -- PoTO Soundtrack
I'm No Angel -- Dido
Going Through the Motions -- BtVS Soundtrack
Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner -- Fall Out Boy
My Morphine -- Gillian Welch
Jupiter -- Jewel

I'm sure these songs say something about me. I'm not sure what, exactly. Add in the fact that I'm currently listening to Garbage and there's a bigger picture here. Hrm. Funny two songs by Julie Roberts showed up. Two diametrically opposed songs at that. And yes, I rather adore all of these songs. In my secret heart of hearts, I'd like to be a Music Snob, but frankly I just like too much stuff to be a good one. If you like it and it make you happy or mad or whatever, then it's good music. Anyway, more serious posting later today.


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