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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina, by the numbers

1.3 million -- Number of people who were evacuated because of Katrina

900,000--People who changed addresses by Oct. 5

$50-70 billion--Total economic loss

220,000--Initial jobs lost

50,000--Jobs regained

11.6 inches--Amount of rain generated by Katrina in Louisiana

30--Tornadoes generated

Third--Katrina's ranking in size and strength in U.S. hurricanes

24 percent--Estimated increase in New Orleans birth rate nine months after Katrina

118 square miles--Coastal land lost

2.1 million--Number of Louisiana households that lost electricity


1,464--Total number of deaths in Louisiana attributable to Katrina

10,746--Number of citizens found alive

135--Total number of citizens still missing

892--Bodies autopsied at the state morgue at Carville and St. Gabriel

56 percent--Percentage of African-Americans identified at state morgue

40 percent--Percentage of Caucasians at the state morgue

2 percent--Percentage of Hispanics at the state morgue


455,000--New Orleans population before Katrina

230,000--Estimated New Orleans population as of July

266,000--Statewide population loss


100,000--Estimated number of out-of-state volunteers in Louisiana this past year

$3.3 billion--Estimated Katrina-related charitable donations worldwide

$2.1 billion--Amount of those donations that went to American Red Cross

$129 million--Amount of money raised by the Clinton-Bush Katrina Fund


727,414--Insurance claims

$14 billion--Insurance paid out as of June 30

$13.2 billion--Federal flood insurance paid out in Louisiana

$140,000--Average federal flood insurance claim


$5.1 billion--FEMA grants to individuals

1.6 million--Number of Louisiana individuals receiving FEMA assistance

$450 million--Amount of state's share of FEMA's grants to individuals

32--Number of families still living in FEMA-paid hotel rooms

$3.6 billion--FEMA housing assistance grants

$367.5 million--Disaster Food Stamp Benefits

$320 million--Disaster unemployment paid

173,000--Louisianans receiving disaster unemployment

252,072--Louisianans receiving unemployment benefits on Sept. 24

32,800--Average weekly statewide employment claims prior to Katrina

173,000--Average weekly statewide unemployment claims post-Katrina

619,000--Total statewide non-farm employment, June 2005

425,200--Total statewide non-farm employment, June 2006

$5 billion--U.S. Small Business Administration loans to renters and homeowners

$34,7 million--FEMA grants for crisis mental health counseling


17,000--Rescued pets by Louisiana SPCA and partners

Up to 10,000--Estimated number of drowned pets


204,500--Total of homes affected

63,500--Owner-occupied homes severely damaged

43,000--Rental units severely damaged

106,500--Housing units with severed damaged

169,000--Number of homes with major flooding

101,000--Number of homeowners who have applied for The Road Home rebuilding aid

95,441--Number of FEMA trailers in Louisiana

81,245--Number of occupied FEMA trailers in Louisiana as of August 16

90,388--Number of evacuees who went to Texas

18,966--Number of evacuees who went to Mississippi

18,229--Number of evacuees who went to Georgia

6,309--Number of evacuees who went to Arkansas

$9.3 billion--The Road Home housing grant program

60 percent--Percent of former customers in New Orleans with reconnected electricity

41 percent--Percent of former customers in New Orleans with reconnected natural gas


22 million tons--Debris estimate

8.7 million tons--Estimated remaining debris

13--Number of times the debris could fill the Superdome

25--Number of times the debris of the World Trade Center

1.5 million--Units of refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers discarded curbside

350,000--Flooded and abandoned cars

60,000-plus--Damaged vessels

Sources: Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Ochsner Health System, Louisiana Recovery Authority, Louisiana Association of Non-profit Organizations, Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Louisiana Department of Insurance, Council for a Better Louisiana, Louisiana Family Recovery Crops, New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Louisiana Division of Administration, Louisiana Society Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals, National Hurricane Center and U.S. Minerals Management Service.


posted by Zan at 5:38 PM


I have no idea how many, but there are some Katrina evacuees here in Juneau, Alaska. I think some of them had friends here, but I'm not sure about all. This is very far from home.

3:02 PM  

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