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Friday, June 16, 2006

FR10 -- Sleep is for mere mortals edition

1. I Am So Ordinary -- Paula Cole
2. Tourniquet -- Evanescence
3. State of Fear -- Useless I.D.
4. Fade Away -- Haram
5. Extraordinary Girl -- Green Day
6. Fear of a Girl -- Third Grade Teacher
7. Madame Giry's Tale -- PoTO
8. The Million You Never Made -- Ani DiFranco
9. Life is a Miracle -- Pato Banton
10. Stab My Back -- All American Rejects

Bonus Track: Dirty Little Secret -- All American Rejects

Right now, I'm so exhausted I can barely type. I haven't been sleeping the last few nights and it's starting to wear on me. Unfortunately, I've got to go to work today anyway. *sigh* If I'd gotten caught up on my work yesterday, I'd just call in. But I've got too much to do, with one of my bosses on vacation. Gah. Maybe I can cut out at noon....
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